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About Tams Tales


As a children’s author and former teacher, Theresa combines her passion for writing and teaching by sharing her books with children. She believes strongly in the power of quality literature to engage children’s imagination, expand their skills, and teach concepts.  She adapts her presentations to the age of the children and encourages them to write by discussing the writing process.


“Thank you so much for taking the time to come in to meet with the fourth graders. Their teacher told me they were still buzzing about their visit from a real author at recess time.”

Beth Sweeney, Librarian

“Our teachers and students look forward to Terry’s visit every year during our school-wide reading week. She engages the students as she reads the book and you can see the children eagerly awaiting the flip of the next page.”

 Faith MacDonald, Reading Specialist

"Theresa is a former teacher and it shows! She really knows how to address and engage her audience!"

Karen Mann, School Librarian

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