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Endorsed by the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA)

Percentage of profits of sales from this publication are donated to the NFPA

Sunny is the story of Mandy, a child in foster care. Sheis given a new puppy by a kind neighbor, Mr. Johnson. But Mandy, still struggling with the emotional loss ofher own family, tries to bring the puppy back to itsmother. Mr. Johnson helps her to understand that the puppy needs her just as Mandy needs Mama Rose, herfoster mother.


Sunny was written to help foster children gain some insight into their emotions, and to expand all children's
awareness about foster families.  Discussion questions are provided at the end of the book for
teachers, parents, and other adults to use when discussing the book with children.  Click 
here to learn more.

  • Review

    "Sunny was a treat to read. It is most appealing as the story is very well done and the artwork is beautiful. I applaud the author for writing a book to meet the needs of very young children as well as children of elementary school age. I experienced many different feelings as I read the book and I know others will experience the same thing. The guide to further discussion at the end of the book will be most helpful as foster parents  read this story to the children in their care."

    Irene Clements
    President of the National Foster Parent Association

  • Review

    From the perspective of a retired school librarian, I find this picture book to be a heartwarming story, compassionately told and gently illustrated, that could enrich the lives of all children (and adults) who read it. From a personal viewpoint, I am reminded again that kindness lifts the spirits of all who give and receive it.

    A helpful discussion guide at the end prompts discussion and provides contact information for The National Foster Parent Association.

    Amazon reviewer

  • Review

    In a gentle, non-judgemental fashion, SUNNY explains the necessity of foster care in a way that a child can understand. When Sunny is gifted with a puppy she seeks first to restore it to its mother but comes to see that the puppy's mother cannot care for it the way that it needs to be cared for. Her response to this revelation is heartwarming and genuine. In today's world, nearly every classroom has a child in similar circumstances. The story and the guide at the end help children understand foster care and know that all children are loved and gifted.

    Kathleen Kichline

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