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David's War and Peace

David's War and Peace

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Endorsed by the Student Alliance for Peace


David's War, David's Peace is two books in one about conflict and peacemaking. The book is designed for elementary and middle school children to read independently or with their teacher or parent. Its purpose is to help children to see the consequences of war and the possibilities of solving conflict through nonviolent strategies. 


Great book for teaching children to solve conficts peacefully. Contact author for teacher discount.

  • Reviews for David's War/ David's Peace

    David’s War/David’s Peace is a wonderful story about the ways in which conflict can either devastate or, with proper mediation, can strengthen communities. This book has the power to teach youth how to change the situations around them and find peaceful solutions to turn conflict into an opportunity for peace. The message of patience, kindness, and willingness to come to learn from one another is not only important for young people in their day to day interactions, but in their lives as future leaders and citizens of the world.

    Sally Kaplan – Student Peace Alliance National Coordinator

  • Review

    David’s War/David’s Peace is a unique story that presents one plot with two possible endings. By choosing to fight, the characters’ problems increase and devastate the lives of the animals in the forest. By choosing a peaceful solution, the animals learn to live and work together in harmony. Children who read this story will learn that the choices they make when in conflict will not only directly affect themselves, but also indirectly affect the entire community. Seeking peaceful solutions takes hard work and courage, as the main character discovers in David’s War/David’s Peace. By navigating through the steps of solving a distributive conflict, David and the animals show children how they can solve any conflict using nonviolent means. There are many lessons to learn from reading David’s War/David’s Peace, a wonderful book for elementary aged children.

    Robin Wildman – Certified Kingian Nonviolence Trainer and Fifth Grade Teacher

  • Review

    David’s War/David’s Peace introduces the skill of mediation to children in and understandable way. Thank you, Theresa Schimmel, for making this invaluable process easy for even young children to grasp. If every child learned this skill, the world would be a more peaceful place.

    Naomi Drew – Author of “No Kidding About Bullying”

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