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Braided Secrets

Braided Secrets


Told through the voices of two sisters in a close-knit Catholic family in 1963. A family drama unfolds when Maggie falls in love with an older man and the protective father forbids her to see him. As the younger sister, Petey, says. “Looking back, I wish I could erase that Sunday when it all started.” Instead, events take a tragic and unpredictable course that almost unravels the family, challenges their faith, and threatens the close bond between the sisters. While the setting is from another era, the themes are contemporary.


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  • Reviews for Braided Secrets

    Theresa Schimmel writes with a true voice about two sisters and the end of innocence. Set during the final months of 1963, Maggie and Petey are forced to come to terms with a brutal truth that threatens to tear apart the closely-knit family. This is a story that will keep you riveted.!

    Martha Reynolds

    Author of the bestseller, Bits of Broken Glass

  • Review

    "Braided Secrets" is a thoroughly engaging book from beginning to end. The author immediately draws you into the dynamics of this close- knit family who's love, loyalty and faith form their relationships which lead to drama and ultimately truth. Told through the voices of sisters, Maggie and Petey, the family carries with it many secrets which are gradually revealed culminating in the most tragic of them all. This book was a page turner that filled me with many emotions. It has wonderful discussion questions at the end so it's very suited for book clubs or for anyone who wants a good book with strong characters.

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