Books by T. Schimmel
Sunny was written to help foster children gain some
insight into their emotions, and to expand all children's
awareness about foster families.  Discussion
questions are provided at the end of the book for
teachers, parents, and other adults to use when
discussing the book with children.  Click
here to learn
Sunny is the story of Mandy, a child in foster care. She
is given a new puppy by a kind neighbor, Mr. Johnson.  
But Mandy, still struggling with the emotional loss of
her own family, tries to bring the puppy back to its
mother.  Mr. Johnson helps her to understand that the
puppy needs her just as Mandy needs Mama Rose, her
foster mother.
David's War, David's Peace is two
books in one about conflict and
peacemaking. The book is designed
for elementary and middle school
children to read independently or with
their teacher or parent. Its purpose is
to help children to see the
consequences of war and the
possibilities of solving conflict through
nonviolent strategies. Click
here to
learn more.
David's War, David's Peace
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Adapted from a song written in
The Circus Song is an
adventurous tale of the many
exploits and mishaps of two
mischievous farmhands at the
circus. It is written as an heirloom
song in memory of the author's
mother, Patricia Davis MacInnis
Fitzgerald. Fun for all ages.
Includes CD of song sung by Mark
Schultz with piano accompaniment
by Carl Schimmel
The Circus Song
Braided Secrets is Theresa
Schimmel's first adult novel. Told through
the voices of two sisters in a close-knit
Catholic family in 1963, a family drama
unfolds when Maggie falls in love with an
older man and the protective father forbids
her to see him. As the younger sister,
that Sunday when it all started." erase that
Sunday when it all started."
Instead, events
take a tragic and unpredictable course that
almost unravels the family, challenges their
faith, and threatens the close bond
between the sisters.
The Carousel Adventure is an exciting children's chapter
book featuring the Watch Hill Carousel, the oldest
continuously operating carousel in the United States. Also
known as
The Flying Horse Carousel, it consists of twenty
wooden horses with real horse hair and tails. Suspended from
rods with no platform, the horses seem to "fly" through the air
as the carousel turns.

On their annual summer visit to the carousel, Otto and Thora
are excited to try for the brass ring that will earn them a free
ride. But when Otto retrieves the brass ring and decides to
keep it, he has no way of knowing that  its magical power will
take him and his twin sister, Thora, into the carousel panel
paintings, where they will experience thrilling adventures!

This book is a fun read aloud to younger children and
captivating independent read for older children. The end of
each chapter has a researched educational content page
about something relating to the chapter. The panel pictures
on which each chapter is based are reproductions of well
known nineteenth and early twentieth century paintings. Gary
Anderson is the artist of these panels as well as the illustrator
of the cover. He also refurbishes the carousel horses every
The Carousel Adventure
Braided Secrets